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Working with Iftekhar and his team was a pleasure. They balanced the architectural vision and the project realities beautifully, has a deep understanding of our priorities and operated responsively and professionally to all matters.
Dr. Johnathan Zhang

I am very satisfied with whole service provided by Ideas Architects and very grateful for extra help and information received to deal with my project. I would recommend Ideas Architect for quality services.                                                               Elly , 13.01.17

ideas provided the bridge between my dreams and the reality. People at ideas not only have ideas to help realize my dreams, they also dream themselves to realize my ideas. The divergent knowledge and expertise of ideas’ members allowed me to visualize my keenly anticipated home by contextualising my wish-list in regulatory perspective without exceeding the budget constraints. With ideas I have touched my home, felt my home and heard my home before I have actually built it. Thank you ideas.
Mustaq Pradhan

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